Step into the Mystic HD tanning environment

Baja Tanning firmly believes that your tanning experience should be comfortable and enjoyable from start to finish. The Mystic HD tanning environment:

  • Heats your spray chamber with a warm current of air
  • Uses a precision air brush to sweep across your body
  • Allows you to customize your spray with fragrances, bronzers and accelerators

To learn more about our customization process, visit Baja Tanning today. You can speak with one of our associates at your convenience.

Using top-rated Norvell spray tanning products

Not all tanning products are created equal. If you want a natural-looking tan that will nourish your skin, the Norvell spray tanning line is your best bet. Fortunately for residents of Duluth, MN, Baja Tanning has two spray tanning artists who are specially trained in the use of Norvell products.

We're known for our strict attention to detail - we'll take our time to make sure you get a great-looking tan. With superior products and proven techniques, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Norvell spray tanning products are:
  • Made with an anti-orange formula for a natural glow
  • Slow to fade and resistant to washing off
  • Highly rated by customers across the country

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