Which bed is right for you?

Every tanning bed from Baja Tanning is built to reduce ultraviolet B (UVB) rays by over 65% percent. When you get a sunburn, UVB rays are usually to blame. Our tanning salon offers the:

  • Body Scan 3500, a unit that's twice as strong as a conventional bed
  • Diva Tower, a stand-up unit that will give you a tan in under nine minutes
  • Diva 6 Turbo, an air-conditioned bed that's three times as strong as a conventional unit
  • UltraBronz 950 High Pressure, the most powerful tanning bed available

Contact Baja Tanning now to ask about the UltraBronz 950 High Pressure tanning bed. This bed filters nearly all UVB rays out and will tan deep beneath your skin. You can test it out for yourself at our salon in Duluth, MN at your convenience.